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who we are

Maria Chr. Marinou Law Firm is a full-service Law Firm based in Larnaca (Cyprus). 

Our firm undertakes to supply a comprehensive range of legal services for both domestic and international clients and to fulfil our clients’ needs across the full spectrum of their business activities. We pride ourselves on being able to bridge the gap between the often complex nature of the law, and the needs and interests of our clients.

Our firm’s driving purpose is to use our legal and business expertise to address the diverse challenges our clients face quickly, efficiently and at a sensible cost. We invest in building mutual trust and respect with our clients as we tackle obstacles together.

Maria Chr. Marinou Law Firm takes the time to understand the clients’ immediate and long-term issues. We anticipate change and think ahead for you, putting your interests ahead of ours to create stronger relationship. We develop and implement legal solutions to financial, business and private problems.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified Lawyers, Tax and Financial advisors with over 30 years of experience and we assist our clients through legal, tax planning and corporate structuring advice.

One of our qualities is that our clients come first and strongly believe that communication is a key service that must be offered to our clients, with regular meetings and constant telephone communication at any time during working hours in order to answer any questions that may arise.

We provide prompt attention to clients’ matter and outstanding care, keeping you fully informed at all times.

We understand different time zones and language needs. We intent scheduling meetings at any time preferable for you, and if needed an interpreter will be arranged at no additional cost.

Building client relationships through trust is an integral part of our business.  As our customer testimonials demonstrate, we can be characterised as a friendly, reliable and reassuring firm to deal with. We know that when we help you to achieve your goals, our own success follows.

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